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OLE!CONNECT is a digital media, marketing and consulting company which helps advertisers to reach highly targeted audiences with tailored messaging, making the marketing experience a positive one for advertiser and consumer alike.

Formed through the amalgamation of four specialised subsidiary companies into one ‘connected’ marketing and media business, OLE!CONNECT is a pioneer in the field of personalised, data-led marketing.

Through our Media & Publishing Division and the relationships we have forged with large online publishers, mobile networks and our own network of websites, combined with our data technology partnership with Oracle and IBM, we are able to provide advertisers with access to Africa’s largest and best understood digital audience and some of the best enterprise technology.

Our Marketing Solutions Division helps advertisers and brands to communicate as effectively as possible with these audiences by crafting focused marketing and advertising campaigns that include online and mobile platforms, tailored content and customised advertisements that are displayed to targeted audiences.

Through data layering that includes hundreds of information touchpoints covering online consumer behaviour, geographics and demographics, media consumption patterns, purchasing preferences as well as intentional propensities and more, we are able to personalise the marketing message and deliver it to a more receptive audience.

Our campaign management teams constantly monitor the efficacy and ‘click-rates’ of the ads, following the journey to determine how far the advertising route takes the customer, where the journey is interrupted, if there are noticeable trends which require intervention, or more.

Having pioneered the concept of data-led digital marketing in South Africa, we have spent three years refining not only our human expertise in data capture, interpretation and implementation, but have also built up a veritable arsenal of technology and platforms. We ‘connect the dots’ so our customers can connect with the people behind them.

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