Are you ready for the media and marketing convergence? 13 June , 2019

Actionable data fuels audience-based marketing at OLE!CONNECT

Cape Town, June 13th: The worlds of media and marketing are merging. As brands transform into publishers and build their own audiences, so too media owners are striving to make their publications more accessible as marketing channels, creating a convergence that delivers value to audiences and brands alike.

Very few agencies understand this new landscape and the specific expertise required to navigate it. The recently integrated team at OLE!CONNECT however is made up of some of the country’s best marketing, media and data analytic talent, making it the leaders of the next generation of agency.

“OLE!CONNECT is a new breed of service provider, a ‘mediaconsultagency’ if you will,” says Tim Legg, CEO of newly rebranded OLE!CONNECT. The former Ole! Media Group has restructured its four subsidiary companies and incorporated a fifth, data expert Shinka Pty Ltd, to form a cohesive media and marketing force with a very clear mandate: implement actionable data to create customer connections that drive business.

“As service providers to African mobile networks over the past decade, we have become multiple-channel experts with deep insights into the African market. We’ve invested in world class technologies and have integrated our own custom-built platforms to extract the most value for our customers, both publishers and marketers alike. Content is king in media, but in marketing it is data. And data is always at the core of our offering – that’s the key to connecting,” says Legg.

He believes that when it comes to the customer data they’re sitting on, many companies do not know what a wealth of information they have at their disposal: “Once we start talking to them and show them how to unlock this treasure chest, they realise the value and are very keen to lift the lid!”

Operating as a strategic business partner to its clients, OLE!CONNECT amalgamates creative and performance marketing expertise with a vast network of owned and managed online and mobile channels. The company not only provides access to an extensive audience data base, but also brings together the means for publisher and advertiser to deliver value to their customers, while effectively deriving value as well.

Having access to data is only part of the solution, though. The key lies in being able to capture, process and interpret the data, and then to build audiences and tailor messaging according to these learnings. To customize the content and personalize the delivery, strong capabilities in media, tech, AI and creative are called for.

OLE!CONNECT is one of only a select few companies that offers this integrated approach, and the breadth and depth of the company’s technology expertise is currently unmatched in local markets. With partners like Oracle, IBM and others, OLE!CONNECT has spent the last nine years developing its business, including industry-leading technology stack, data partnerships, bespoke platforms and dashboards that enable brands to extract meaning from the customer data they have at multiple touch points within their organisation.

Using artificial intelligence to build high-propensity audiences including data-enriched customer profiles, they generate messaging that is personalised in terms of content, creative appeal and delivery channel(s). This means a higher degree of customer satisfaction, increased engagement, and ultimately better opportunities for monetisation for marketer and media alike. With audience-specific campaigns, the results are better for everyone – brands reach their customers with relevant messaging, media partners deliver marketing content that is valued, and consumers’ personal preferences and needs are met.

“Effective marketing is not just about messaging – it’s about connecting”, says Legg, “And THAT is what it’s all about.”

The OLE!CONNECT service offering incorporates the know-how of five digital companies rolled into one. (Mobile expert, MobiMedia; digital publisher TEAMtalk media; performance marketer, AddSuite; digital creative agency, HoneyKome; and data and tech consultancy, Shinka.)

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