Craig Newton promoted to Chief Technology Officer at Ole! Media Group 09 September , 2016

Craig Newton has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the Ole! Media Group. Craig has been with the Group for two and half years, starting out as an applications developer at MobiMedia, the Group’s mobile division before progressing through the ranks to now heading up the technology team at HoneyKome, the digital strategy and development arm of OMG!

The largely self-taught mastermind has numerous endorsements for his coding abilities and has been a much sought after addition to technical teams wherever he has worked. His capabilities extend to Java, PHP, Apache, SQL, Linux, Tomcat and a host of other languages, not to mention his mobile app development skills and his agile methodologies, which have made him a Scrum Master.

His LinkedIn profile opens with the statement that he is a happy ‘android’ where he is currently working – “not looking to move any time soon” – which is possibly because the Ole! Media Group is evolving so fast it requires an adaptable ‘android’ like Craig with the broad skill-set and ability needed to keep it advancing with the right systems and architecture. Clearly, the speed and scope at which it is doing so, is keeping Craig thoroughly engaged. ‘Innovation through technology’, is his mantra and something he shares with the various teams he works with at Ole!.

Responsible for the moving of the Group’s many websites (it manages and owns a variety of digital sport sites) to the cloud as well as the alignment of the various development teams between front end design and back-end functionality, Craig also ensures the Group is fully up to date and compliant with what is required to operate in the information era today.

As busy as he is, he also finds the time to share his coding enthusiasm with others, recently participating with his Honeykome colleagues in a WordPress Hackathon to design, build and implement a website for a selected NGO, in a day! He also somehow finds the time keep fit too and is a recognised Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Muay Thai fighter. Of course, true to his roots, downtime is spent ‘gaming’ which again aligns itself to the Ole! Media Group, who will be making some exciting announcements shortly in this regard.

Commenting on the richly deserved promotion, Deseré Orrill, co-Founder of the Ole! Media Group and HoneyKome’s Managing Director said: “Craig’s advancement through the ranks at Ole! is testament to his innate talent for designing and delivering cutting edge digital solutions to what we need and what our clients want. There is no such thing as ‘it can’t be done’ when consulting with Craig. There is always a solution. It’s been both a privilege and a pleasure watching him grow and we look forward to the next chapter.”

Craig was not available for comment at the time of issuing this release, being head down in the development of yet another exciting project…

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