What is header bidding, and why should you care? 30 October , 2017

Ricardo Bilton, writing for Digiday, defines header bidding as an advanced programmatic technique where publishers offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously, before making calls to their servers. Sometimes referred to as “first look”, header bidding is a unified auction conducted by publishers outside of their primary server, allowing advertisers to pick impressions at the highest priority.

Jargon overload? Watch this for more on how it works:

How do you benefit?
As a publisher, header bidding can offer you transparency into how much impressions are worth. This approach helps you determine how valuable every single impression is. You are also able to increase your revenue by allowing bidders to bid simultaneously on the same inventory.

As a buyer, you have access to a vast range of inventory (the publisher’s entire inventory) and this lets you get a better understanding of their reach. The more consistent the inventory is, the better the chances of forecasting for campaigns and media plans.

Header bidding is an important advancement in ad tech today. Initially, publishers had fears about this new technique. The benefits soon proved to outweigh any reservations. This has been a good turnaround for programmatic advertising, leading to more publishers and advertisers are adopting this approach.

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