Jingle bells, jingle bells, it's mobile all the way 12 November , 2013

The days of cardboard Christmas cards lining the shelves are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. “The traditional custom of sending printed Christmas cards is today the exception rather than the rule. Instead mobile messaging is taking over the Christmas greeting market as a quick, reliable and interactive mode for connecting with your friends, colleagues and loved ones,” says Desere’ Orrill, MD of MobiMedia.

“Sending a mobile message over the Christmas period is fast becoming the norm. With the rise in mobile technology you now have an endlessly creative platform where you can send a direct, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective message to your ‘Christmas card list’.

“But it is not all about cost savings and efficiency, which sound like rather cold-blooded concepts when referring to the Christmas season. We still want to send greetings and communicate with our loved ones at this special time of year, but there are now a host of different ways in which we can do this. The world of mobile messaging has evolved so considerably over the past decade that no longer is one merely sending a text message, but rather a personalised and tailored greeting. What we are now able to create are audiovisual treats. By creating something visually beautiful and personal, for those you care about, you are also able to ensure they will receive it, unlike regular mail, which is not always as reliable as one would like. In addition, you able to communicate your message with those spread far across the globe within milliseconds, not to mention the money you save on postage!

“While mobile messaging can provide an excellent solution to your family’s Christmas greeting, it is also a huge benefit to those who need to send festive messages to large contact lists. Looking specifically at companies, mobile messaging makes it easier to connect with large groups of people, quickly and reliably. We are also seeing the trend in companies to go green and forgo the traditional Christmas card, but rather send professionally produced messages which convey the corporate image whilst integrating the personal touch. Companies can not only rest assured they are distributing their message to all their clients, but also that they are impressing them with an on-trend, digital communication.

“With the significant rise in Smartphone and tablet users in the country – latest statistics pin this at around 14 million in SA alone – mobile messaging is fast becoming the preferred choice to send festive greetings. This is made no more evident than while shopping over the Christmas period, as retailers use mobile messages to interact and target shoppers directly with specials and information to suit their specific needs. Mobile activity increases at a rapid rate at this time of year and particularly when it comes to holiday shoppers.

“While there may not be as many cards on the bookshelf this year, do not be disheartened. Rather look to your mobile and the many greetings you will receive, directly to your phone. In using mobile messaging this festive season you can be safe in the knowledge that you are reaching your loved ones by the best means possible and connecting with them wherever they are over this special time. So jingle some new bells at Christmas this year and look to mobile… everyone else is,” concludes Orrill.

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