Addresses Adherence in Chronic Disease 29 June , 2015

MobiMedia, division of the Ole! Media Group (OMG) has developed a mHealth platform, called, designed specifically to address the health needs of the African user.

The app offers a simple way for patients, doctors and other medical service providers to collaborate on improving treatment regimens for patients suffering with chronic diseases. system was developed with the African mobile landscape in mind, and is accessible on all handsets from basic feature-phones, to smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Patients log into the app via their mobile phones to register for the programme that provides information to help patients better understand their condition and offers easy-to-follow guidelines on how to manage their condition more effectively. The platform allows users to view low data usage video as well as text. “The content offered on the application or mobisite is created specifically for the organisation utilising the system and tailored to suit their audience and user groups accordingly. This makes it a very versatile tool as it can be constantly updated with new information. Under the usage agreement, a regular stream of fresh and innovative content is part of the deal,” said Managing Director of MobiMedia and CMO of the Ole! Media Group, Deseré Orrill.

The SMS reminder service for registered users schedules a host of different reminders, including when to take medication, upcoming doctor appointments, script filling and renewal.

For doctors and medical providers, the functionality can be fully customised according to their particular requirements, and means that the solution is price customised according to content requirements of the product licensee. For example, a medical insurance company may wish to offer its members basic information and a reminder service across a broad range of topics and conditions. Alternatively, an NGO focusing on a particular disease may need the programme to be tailored to cover more in-depth information about a specific set of criteria, related to symptoms, medication or treatment protocols.

A medical practitioner can use the tool to log and track a patient’s information and interactions with the system, which can also assist sponsors/funders/providers with research data to understand user-patterns, habits, demographic trends and more. “The flexibility of the service doesn’t compromise patient confidentiality and high levels of security are incorporated at every level to ensure anonymity,” said Orrill. is available under licence as an off-the shelf system, or can be white-labelled for use by organisations such as, medical institutions, NGOs, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, medical insurance companies or any other stakeholders in the medical industry who need an easy way to provide information and care guidelines to encourage adherence in chronic patients. MobiMedia is currently in discussion with Government and a number of pharmaceutical organisations across the continent to roll out their solution to address some of the most pressing health concerns in Africa.

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