MobiMedia ups the game! 21 October , 2016

Exclusive mobile gaming and video content from Cartoon Network and global game partner means never-before published games now launching in South Africa

*Cape Town, 21 October 2016 – *Mobile marketing agency, MobiMedia, a division of the Ole! Media Group, has been appointed the exclusive mobile content partner for Africa for Cartoon Network’s Games portal.  In addition to this, MobiMedia has also acquired the rights to animated video content geared towards younger mobile users from its global gaming partner with whom the company has also signed a sole distribution license.

Under its Planet Games platform, MobiMedia is able to offer literally thousands of mobile games, apps, images, ringtones, and more, to over 20 000 different smartphone, feature and tablet devices to suit a number of different operating systems, including a range of over 100 HTML5 games.   The offering also includes 22 Cartoon Network games that have never been published before, marking a first for South Africa.

Available to South African audiences on a subscription model (daily, weekly, monthly or even annually), favourites like Ben 10, Scooby Doo and The Power Puff Girls are now easily accessible with great content unlocked for young and old alike – all that’s needed is a device that can connect to the Internet and a data bundle.

“The Planet Games offering taps into the rapidly expanding demand for more ‘active’ engagement experiences”, said Deseré Orrill, Managing Director of MobiMedia and co-Founder of the Ole! Media Group.  “With our in-house technology capabilities coupled with the broad library of content we now have at our disposal, we are also able to develop points-based incentive programmes utilising the principles of gamification.”  With everything integrated onto social media, mobile promotions have entered an enhanced engagement era, noted Orrill.

Beyond supplying this content to the likes of the Mobile Network Operators across the continent, and even to handset manufacturers (MobiMedia has concluded a global deal with Huawei), the company is also able to white label certain of its mobile gaming products.  This allows for brands to create customised in-game experiences for their fans, enriching the overall engagement for everyone concerned.

Screen time is learning time…and fun

“Whether we like to admit it or not, children are mobile and digital savvy from a very early age.” However, finding the right content for them to view and interact with is the challenge. “With our new educational and entertainment video offerings, we can provide brands with the right content to reach this influential audience, and their parents of course.”

Animated videos such as ‘Green Light’, which teaches children the rules of the road and ‘Alex’, a five-year old pre-schooler who explores the world around him, to a rock ‘n roll band – ‘Raggs’ – whose members are dogs that have garnered a world-wide audience for their music, can all be safely delivered to mobile phones and tablets, delivering specific informative entertainment for little ones.

With a staggering 38% of children under two-years of age already using mobiles or tablets to access games and/or watch videos, (according to a large-scale report conducted late 2015 by family advocacy group Common Sense Media), it is no surprise that MobiMedia’s current offering is resonating with African audiences hungry for appealing content.  While videos and games for this age bracket can have exceptional benefits, Orrill underlines the point that over-usage has its cons and that the responsibility still rests with an adult supervisor to ensure that use is monitored.

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