OLE!CONNECT Secures Key Account Wins 14 August , 2019

OLE!CONNECT, a new breed of service provider formed through the restructuring of its four subsidiary companies and incorporating a fifth, data expert Shinka Pty Ltd, has recently secured a number of key account wins.

As a cohesive media and marketing force with a very clear mandate, to implement actionable data to create customer connections that drive business, OLE!CONNECT’s appointment as the exclusive digital agency to the FADT group, along with its winning of a competitive global pitch to develop the company’s new website, are testament to the unique offering of the enterprise.

Responsible for the front and back end conceptualization, development, design, and creative for the website that will incorporate FADT’s nine different brand offerings, OLE!CONNECT brings an in-house development compliment of 13 combined with an innovative creative and design team.

Additionally, as FADT’s digital agency, OLE!CONNECT will be responsible for strategic digital marketing including digital campaigns, social media management, creative design, and perhaps most importantly, performance marketing, customer lead conversion and customer retention.

OLE!CONNECT’s unique integrated approach, the breadth and depth of the company’s technology expertise and data driven capabilities enable lead generation that translates into conversion, a higher degree of customer satisfaction, increased engagement, and ultimately better opportunities for the brand.

The all women-team that led the pitch campaign came with a different approach based on a clear understanding of FADT’s business needs and reflects the next generation marketing and media solution for marketers and brands as provided by OLE!CONNECT.

Hoisting the "women in digital" flag, it's notable, too, that  OLE!CONNECT’s Marketing Division was founded by a woman, the key roles of Business Unit Director and Head of Development are today filled by women, and the board is headed by a female Executive Chairman, the well-respected Deseré Orrill.

Another series of account wins for OLE!CONNECT sees the marketing division expanding its work within the First Rand Group. Having worked with Ashburton Investments over the past two years, OLE!CONNECT has recently also been appointed by Rand Merchant Bank and Wesbank as a digital service provider for specific campaigns.

OLE!CONNECT has worked with RMB on a social responsibility initiative aimed at supporting literacy for children and developed the full CI, website, and user journey for this on-going initiative.

Wesbank has appointed OLE!CONNECT for a series of digital campaigns as well as for its website development, this despite having internal digital resources at their disposal.  The unique skills and technology tools of OLE!CONNECT were put through a rigorous process to facilitate their appointment as one of Wesbank’s only external agencies.  

OLE!CONNECT is assisting Wesbank in lead generation through customized landing pages and targeted content that contribute directly to lead generation and increased customer conversion.

These new account wins within the First Rand Group are based on the company’s success in producing results and building lasting client relationships.

Maria Wilson, newly appointed Business Unit Director for Marketing Solutions explains further,  “The transition from a loose collaboration of four group-owned companies within the digital media and marketing arena to an integrated digital media and marketing solutions provider operating under a single brand, OLE!CONNECT combines all the skills that brands and publishers need to succeed in the interactive world of digital media and marketing today, including the much sought after trinity of content, data and technology.”

OLE!CONNECT’s world class developers, along with the team’s ability to develop and execute strategic performance marketing based on a combination of tech savvy and creative design are already proving to be a highly successful model that drives results for clients.

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