OMG! New media group 17 December , 2013

Ole!Media Group creates one-stop digital hub for brands and publishers.

Three South African digital companies have combined forces to help Africa’s media businesses make money from online and mobile publishing, and create better ROI for advertisers.

Ole! Media Group formed in September this year, sees the coming together of complementary businesses to meet the ever-increasing need for media companies to monetise their content online: TEAMtalk media, creator of one of Africa’s largest digital content hubs, with a focus on sports and entertainment content syndication and custom publishing; MobiMedia, mobile content and engagement marketing specialists, and AddSwitch, a provider of holistic digital advertising strategies and solutions.

Combined, OMG presents a unique offering that is forging notable digital inroads on the African continent. Recently invited to share this insight at the African Media Leaders Forum (AMLF) in Addis Ababa, Tim Legg, Group CEO and co-founder ofOMG, says: “It has become almost an accepted truth that digital media houses don’t or can’t make money. In fact, the same three principles of traditional media monetisation apply to digital channels as well; charge users to consume content, charge advertisers to access your audience and monetise the audience through value added services.”

“Our business model has successfully adapted these timeless principles to the digital media sphere.”

By combining digital payment mechanisms, digital marketing expertise and state of the art digital advertising methodologies, OMG has been able to create profitable revenue streams both for their own publishing business and for their clients.

Legg continues: “The model is constantly evolving and judicious application of all three sources of revenue is essential, since none of these on its own can sustain a digital media business in the long-term.”

Central to the sustainability of the digital publishing ecosystem is an effective ad-serving platform that can assist in generating revenue for publishers by providing real-time sales of advertising inventory, whilst effectively targeting audiences to ensure that advertisers achieve more bang for their buck.

OMG commercialises an ad network with over 1 billion monthly global ad impressions across its own and client sites. The key, though, is not just to sell impressions. Rather, the aim is to engage digital media consumers through compelling content and creative ideas.

The combination of these skills in-house is what enables OMG to deliver effective communication and engagement strategies for its individual brand clients. Legg predicts that in 2014 the appetite for custom content will continue to grow across Africa, and content providers – particularly those who can master the ubiquitous mobile channels – will play a pivotal role in shaping communications across the continent.

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