Programmatic buying turns AddSwitch into AddSuite and enhances publishers' revenue potential 30 September , 2014

South Africa continues to switch on to a more digitally focused engagement and business environment. As such, local online advertising solutions company, AddSwitch has expanded its offering and in the process, rebranded. It will now be known as ‘AddSuite,’ which is more commensurate with its broader business focus.

AddSuite, part of the Ole! Media Group (OMG), is a digital advertising services company that helps digital publishers to maximise revenue from advertising sales within a real-time environment. Advertisers also benefit from a higher ROI on ad spend through broader market exposure and improved audience targeting.

Says Chris Wilson, GM of AddSuite: “Our new name says it all: with the carefully selected suite of products at our disposal, we add value for online Publishers as well as for their Advertising clients.” The company is not restricted in offering clients only one platform, source of technology or ad exchange, but tailors custom solutions best suited to specific requirements.

Adding programmatic to the mix

Complementing this is now the inclusion of a focused ‘programmatic trading’ division, managed by Alessandro Valecic, as Head of Platforms. Valecic specialises in the areas of programmatic buying & selling, SEO, Google Ad exchange and DSP & SSP integration, and has a strong background in online marketing.

He believes that programmatic buying is decisively changing the face of digital advertising and that publishers need to get to grips with the fast evolving, data-driven digital ecosystem within which programmatic buying mechanisms effortlessly interface. Clearly demonstrating this, the company is already seeing advertising slots being filled at rates of 85% – 95% on programmatic RTB and achieving higher than average standard CPMs on Programmatic Premium.

However, it is not only publishers who need to understand and take advantage of this shifting landscape, but agencies and brand marketers too. “It is vital to connect the dots from the outset – whether it is understanding who your audience is and what to serve them or streamlining the actual processes of serving digital content and ads. Programmatic platforms answer both,” says Valecic.

Defined as ‘online display advertising that is aggregated, booked, flighted, analysed and optimised via artificial intelligent software systems,’ programmatic buying uses a combination of automated Real-Time-Bidding and non-RTB buying methods, bringing display messages to a pre-qualified and targeted audience.

Overcoming audience fragmentation

Programmatic ad trading helps to overcome the problem of an increasingly fragmented audience as the digisphere continues to expand, and the process is fast becoming the publisher’s new BFF. However, it is also beneficial for the advertiser as it translates into relevance for the viewing consumer, and can extend beyond pure advertising to include custom content and a consumer’s interaction with any form of digital touch-point.

Says Tim Legg, Managing Director of AddSuite and CEO of Ole! Media Group: “The interest in RTB and Programmatic Buying in South Africa is mirroring that which is happening in other developed markets. We’ve witnessed demand growing month on month, with results that are real and immediate, so extending our service offering in this vibrant area of the digital arena was a logical step.”

As part of the Ole! Media Group, AddSuite currently runs its ad operations team from Cape Town, has a premium programmatic division in Johannesburg, and global sales office in London.

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