Social media: bringing brands into conservations with sports fans 06 July , 2015

Fan engagement is the hot concept in the world of sports sponsorship, and it’s a quantum leap ahead of old-school, wall-to-wall billboard advertising. It works because it doesn’t accept visibility as its one and only metric. Instead, it’s all about getting fans to tune in.

A little more conversation
**Slap a sponsor’s logo and tagline in as prominent a place as possible, and what do you have? Simple: something that’s easy to ignore next to the action on the field, or the Mexican Wave starting on the other side of the stadium. It’s one way communication. Against that, the Holy Grail for brands is a seat in the living room, bar space at the local, or a spot in line at the cafeteria: places where conversations about sports are happening.

Of course, the social media world is ‘the’ place in which to find conversations about sports. Literally millions of people comment about results, rumours, and upcoming events on a daily,
if not hourly basis. Their support for their favourite teams, venues and people is tribal.

The big deal for brands is that social media platforms give them the chance to enter these online conversations, and be friends and heroes to fans.

What do you all talk about?**
Creating content around sporting events and teams is the way for brand sponsors to make the most of their sponsorships. Competitions and give-aways on Facebook around engaging with some aspect of an event’s history, rewards or discounts for tweeting around a team’s hashtag: they’re all ways into the mix.

At Teamtalk media, we create content through which brands can get into these conversations, and add value to the fan experience when they’re there. That’s engagement.

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