Strong, Well-Crafted Messaging Still Rules… Digital or Not 19 July , 2016

“Digital”. It’s one of those words in our Industry that’s come to mean a great deal of things at once. A bit like “creative”; which can refer to people, a personality attribute, and just about any kind of piece of work produced by an agency.

Technically, digital means the opposite of analogue. Bits and binary code. In our Industry, though, it usually refers to a media channel (or rather a series of channels) – social media, apps, websites, email and the like.

What’s important to note upfront, though, is that digital is not “the future”, but very much the present. It’s high time that both clients and agencies start thinking of – and referring to – it as such.

Succeeding in the digital world

But, what should brands actually do in the Digisphere? How should they behave? Marketing managers and agencies alike tend to go into a mad frenzy, desperate to establish a “digital presence” of some kind. There must be a Facebook page, an Instagram account, Twitter and whatever else is popular at the moment. And there must be followers… at all costs.

But then? Once there, what to do? What to say? How to “engage” the humans on the other end of the screen? This can put marketers intimidated by digital into a panic; an unnecessary one.

Yes, Digital, as a channel, has many unique attributes and considerations. But, in the end, it’s a channel, and messaging is still key, just as it is in TV advertising, radio, and on street poles. A brand needs a strong, clear personality, a clear message and a clear purpose. Art and copy still have a huge role to play. Brands must have something to say, and they must say it well. Imagine a radio ad that simply shouted the brand’s name over and over, without so much as a sound-effect or a moment’s craft. With digital, users always have the option of switching your messaging off. And they will, if it’s not valuable.

When in doubt, make something beautiful, funny, sexy, useful or relevant – whatever your channel. Sure, nowadays content needs to be interactive, short and bite-sized – a certain shape, size and resolution – designed to fit the format. But that’s nothing new to us. If your creative messaging is not strong and clear, no amount of formatting will save it.

At HoneyKome, we have experts that manage the backend, working in harmony with creative folk that understand both medium and message. We never lose sight of our clients’ core messages. After all, we’re in advertising. And advertising is digital… Let’s get creative with it.

Have fun out there.

Gord Laws,
Executive Creative Strategist, HoneyKome

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