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Publisher services in a nutshell:

Building digital portals - (mobile) web, apps, mobi-sites and USSD channels

Managing the entire editorial process via a team of highly experienced editors

Monetising digital media channels through a variety of digital payment mechanisms

Generating advertising and sponsorship revenue, using the most sophisticated programmatic media, yield optimization technologies and data management platforms.

We work with various media houses and mobile networks to increase client reach and grow audiences throughout Africa.

We grow our owned and co-published media assets through promotion and great content.

More publishers are joining our independent publisher network and we work with you to grow quality audiences.

Our goal is also to help you manage advertising technology services to attract revenue.

Affiliate marketing programmes generate revenue for publisher partners on an ongoing basis.

We're constantly acquiring new mobile platform partners e.g. MNOs and BBM for both VAS and mobile publishing solutions.

We create unique mobile products and content.

We offer value-added services with audiences of millions, each profiled and mapped for targeting.

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