Zinzi Nokhemane chats about her role as a Business Analyst in IT 10 July , 2019

Every team member plays an essential role in helping OLE!CONNECT run smoothly, and Zinzi Nokhemane now fulfills our most recent opportunity as a Business Analyst in our Development Department. We chatted to Zinzi about her love for tech and what her role as a Business Analyst includes:

To become a Business Analyst:
A qualification can give you a head start, however as a BA you need to understand how a business operates and how Information Technology adds value to the business.
You’ll have to obtain both Business and IT knowledge because your work will require you to provide solutions from both streams.

Day-to-day activities are:
Dependent on my work priorities, from managing development and business unit requirements and testing our non-production environments, to documenting and matching functional requirements and processes that sell or add value to the business itself.

Working in the tech space is:
Fascinating! It’s an exciting ever-changing space - one minute you’re talking Windows XP, and the next you’re talking IOT (Internet of Things).
The tech space is all about how we can use the technology trends to improve our lives and grow as a Business or Individual, as well as effectively compete with the rest of the world.

Companies need Business Analysts to:
Ensure that all the requirements for new projects are gathered and delivered by the respective team. We liaise with various stakeholders to ensure that expectations align with production, and we also test all products to ensure client satisfaction.

Advice to aspiring Business Analysts:
Invest in your training wheels ? because there is a lot to learn in the Businesses Analysis space. Stay competitive and add value. As a BA, you should be able to master your zen because your daily processes will require a lot of back-and-forth communication with multiple people and usually this requires lots of patience. If you’re known for being quite a hot head, being a BA will be a challenging exercise.

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Check out our interview with Zinzi to find out a bit more about the Business Analyst role: https://youtu.be/hdkRyy5SqAk

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